Prof. Bryan Caplan

Econ 345

Fall, 1998


[Note: Print all regression results.]

Set up and run 2 new regressions on U.S. unemployment and inflation (use the data from hw1.wf1), and 2 new regression on U.S. GDP, money supply, and fiscal data (use the data from met8.wf1). For each of the total of 4 regressions, you should:

  1. Explain why you would want to run this particular specification, and what you expect to find. (2-3 sentences)
  2. Describe your actual results, and what conclusions you draw from them. (3-5 sentences)
  3. Discuss whether your results seem consistent with those we examined in class. (2-3 sentences)

Before you run any regression, make sure that we haven't already done it in class!