Prof. Bryan Caplan

Econ 410


HW#3  (Please TYPE all answers).


1.  If the SIVH were correct, how would the policy views of the U.S. President, one of Virginia's Senators, and the House Representative for Fairfax predictably differ? (2-3 sentences)

2.  It frequently happens that two senators who represent  the same state disagree.  Is there any way for the Median Voter Theorem to explain this? (2-3 sentences)

3.  Pick one country other than the U.S. that you know something about.  Why does it have policies that differ from those in the U.S.?  (2-3 sentences)

4.  Suppose the U.S. switched to proportional representation in the House of Representatives.  How would the partisan make-up of Congress change?  How would policy change? (3-4 sentences)

5.  Name one policy of the federal government that you believe a majority of Americans oppose.  How does this policy survive? (2-3 sentences)

6.  Try to explain why Social Security is such a popular program.  What is your model of voter motivation?  SIVH, sociotropic voting, or what? (3-4 sentences)