Prof. Bryan Caplan

Econ 849


HW #4


1.  Collect data on ONE item of public opinion or voter preference from the General Social Survey, and empirically test for the relative explanatory power of the SIVH, group-interest, and ideology.  Then write a brief note explaining your topic, method, and results.  (2 pages, double-spaced, plus tables)


To get data from the GSS, go to:  Once you know what variables you want to examine, click on Analyze.  Then select "Analysis," then "Multiple Regression."


2.  Write a referee report on one published empirical paper of your choice about voter motivation and/or ideology.  How convincing are the authors' empirical methods?  Why?  How could the paper have been improved?  What new directions would you recommend for further research on the topic?  (2 pages, double-spaced)


3.  Select a theoretical paper on some sort of "political failure."  Pretending you are Donald Wittman, critique the paper's thesis.  What are the objectionable assumptions that drive the results?  (2 pages, double-spaced)