J M Kaplan Workshop in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

-FALL 2000-

Papers will be available 1 week prior to the workshop outside of Professor Boettke's office, 324 Enterprise Hall. The workshop will meet on Fridays from 2:00 to 3:30 in the Economics Department Seminar Room,  318 Enterprise Hall.
September 1 Stefan Voigt
Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin and Max 
Planck Institute for Research into Economic Systems, Jena
Choosing Not to Choose: On the Delegation of Powers -- 
With Special Reference to East and Central Europe
September 15 Paul Mahoney
University of Virginia
The Common Law and Economic Growth: Hayek Might Be Right
September 22 RESCHEDULED For October 27
September 28


Nimei Mehta
Center for Integrative and Development Studies
University of the Philippines
Ethnic Division and Growth Mandates in South East Asia: Irreconcible Conflicts?
October 6 Bryan Caplan
George Mason University
The Idea Trap: The Political Economy of Growth Divergence


October 13 Richard Ebeling
Hillsdale College
Planning for Freedom: Ludwig von Mises as Political Economist
and Policy Analyst
October 20 Loren Lomasky
Bowling Green State University
Nozick's Libertarian Utopia
October 27 Werner Troesken
University of Pittsburgh
Strategic Behavior and Market Structure in Whiskey Distilling, 1887-1895
November 3 Daniel Arce
Rhodes College
Leadership and the aggregation of international collective action
November 9


David Prychitko
Northern Michigan University
Communicative Action and the Radical Constitution: The
Habermasian Challenge
November 17 James Keeler
Kenyon College
Empirical Evidence on the Austrian Business Cycle Theory
December 1 David Harper
New York University
The Entrepreneurial Content of a Nation's Culture
December 8 Michael Chwe
New York University
Rational Ritual