Workshop in Philosophy, Politics and Economics


-Fall 2004-


Mondays 2:00-3:30

Rm. 318 Enterprise Hall





August 30

Francis Fukuyama
International Studies
Johns Hopkins University

State-Building: What We Don't Know about Transferring Institutions to Developing Countries

September 13

Metin Cosgel
University of Connecticut

Religious Identity and Consumption

September 20

Tony Carilli and Gregory Dempster
Hampden Sydney College

Is Austrian Business Cycle Theory Still Relevant?

September 27

*will start at 1:00pm*

Chandran Kukuthas
Political Science
University of Utah

Anarcho-Multiculturalism: A Pure Theory of Liberalism

October 4

David Harper
New York University

Trade, Language and Communication

November 1

Jena Bednar
Political Science
University of Michigan

The Robust Federation

November 8

Jeffrey Friedman
Political Science
Barnard College

Death to Homo Economicus: An Even More Minimal Model of Economics, in the Austrian Spirit

November 15

Roland Fryer
Harvard University


November 29

Darrene Hackler
Political Science
George Mason University

Bandwidth or Bust:  Local Economic Development in the New Economy

December 6

Amar Bhide
Columbia University

Entrepreneurship in India


* Papers will be available 1 week in advance outside of Professor Boettke’s office, Rm. 324 Enterprise Hall.