J M Kaplan Workshop in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

-Spring 2001-

Papers will be available 1 week prior to the workshop outside of Professor Boettke's office, 324 Enterprise Hall. The workshop will meet on Fridays from 2:00 to 3:30 in the Economics Department Seminar Room,  318 Enterprise Hall.

January 19*


* Special time 3:00 to 4:30

Steve Horwitz


St. Lawrence University

The Function of the Family in the Great Society

February 2

Roger Koppl


Fairleigh Dickinson University

All That I Have to Say Has Already Crossed Your Mind

February 9

Stephen Littlechild


Univeristy of Birmingham and Cambridge University

Why We Need Electricity Retailers

February 16

Todd Zywicki


George Mason University

The Political Economy of Tort Law and Tort Reform

February 22


Jerry Muller


Catholic University

The Untimely Liberalism of F. A. Hayek

March 2

Paul Zak


Claremont Graduate School

The Path to Prosperity

March 16

Andrew Sellgren


George Mason University

Bureaucracy and Secrecy: An American Tragedy

March 23

Guido Huelsman


Ludwig von Mises Institute

Counterfactual Laws of Human Action

April 6

Dan Klein


Santa Clara University

The Demand and Supply of Assurance

April 20

Kevin Quinn


Bowling Green State University

The Loss of the World: The Other Adam

Smith Problem

April 27

Ronald Hamowy


University of Alberta

The Genesis and Early History of the Veterans Administration