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Items of Interest

Thomas Sowell's “Trickle Down Theory” and “Tax Cuts for the Rich.” *Audio discussion
Daily Caller Interview
Free Market Morality
Political & Economic Status of Blacks in America A 1988 C-Span program with Professors Walter E. Williams and Ronald Walters
Monty Pelerin’s World: Contains liberty oriented articles and video clips.
The Daily Bell Interview with Walter E. Williams (August 2010)

Milton Friedman explaining capitalism
Who's To Blame? Freedom Watch article by Walter E. Williams in The American Spectator February 2010
The House that Uncle Sam Built: The Untold Story of the Great Recession of 2008
Update: More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims
Global Warming Petition Project

"Future Prospects for Economic Liberty"

A Primer: Are we a Democracy or a Republic?
The Geography of Recession
Thomas Sowell - Is "Income Stagnation" an Economic Myth?
Thomas Sowell "Gender Bias and Income Disparity: A Myth?"
- Walter Williams of George Mason University talks with EconTalk's Russ Roberts about his early days as an economist.
Hillsdale Lecture 9/27/07): Markets, Governments and the Common Good.
President James Madison's Veto
Four Thousand Years of Price Control - by Thomas DiLorenzo
The Entrepreneur as American Hero - Hillsdale College Lecture
Rinkonomics: Help in Understanding the Big Picture

Selected PBS Commentaries


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