Bryan Caplan
I'm Bryan Caplan, Professor of Economics at George Mason University and New York Times Bestselling author.

I've written The Myth of the Rational Voter, named "the best political book of the year" by the New York Times, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids, The Case Against Education, and Open Borders (co-authored with Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's Zach Weinersmith). My next book, Build, Baby, Build: The Science and Ethics of Housing, will be published by the Cato Institute in early 2023.

I blogged for EconLog from 2005-2022. My new blog, Bet On It, hosted by the Salem Center for Policy at the University of Texas, launches on March 1. I've published in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Newsweek, Atlantic, American Economic Review, Economic Journal, Journal of Law and Economics, and Intelligence, and appeared on ABC, BBC, Fox News, MSNBC, and C-SPAN. An openly nerdy man who loves role-playing games and graphic novels, I live in Oakton, Virginia, with my wife and four kids.