The John M. Olin Institute for Employment Practice and Policy

John M. Olin, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, was deeply concerned about his employees and employment relationships throughout his life. In recognition of Mr. Olin's lifelong commitment to positive employee relations, the Foundation which bears his name established in January 1995 the John M. Olin Institute of Employment Practice and Policy at George Mason University.

The primary mission of the Olin Institute is to enhance understanding of issues related to employment practices and policies among policy makers, the public, practitioners, and academicians. Technology, demographic trends, global competition, and a host of other factors are rapidly changing markets, firms, and even the nature of work. New types of employment relationships are evolving to accommodate emerging economics and institutional realities. Conventional wisdom about the world is increasingly obsolete. Thus, there is a critical need for more current and objective analysis of employee relations issues.

To address these issues, the Olin Institute is now publishing the Journal of Labor Research, sponsoring research in a variety of relevant disciplines, and holding conferences, seminars, and symposia on a wide range of topics related to employer-employee relationships and their economic, political, and social consequences in both domestic and international settings.

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