Workshop in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Spring 2010

Thursdays 1:30-3:00pm unless otherwise noted in 318 Enterprise Hall

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Tuesday, February 2


Hazel Hall Room 121
GMU's Arlington Campus



Elinor Ostrom

Nobel Laureate, 2009
Co-director of the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis

Peter Boettke

Vice President for Research,
Mercatus Center

Paul Dragos Aligica

Senior Research Fellow,
Mercatus Center





Challenging Institutional Analysis and Development: The Bloomington School


To register or for additional information, please email Megan Mahan:


February 11



Gerald Gaus

University of Arizona



The Property Equilibrium in a Liberal Social Order
(or How to Correct Our Moral Vision)


February 18



Tara Smith

University of Texas at Austin



Value-Neutrality & the Rule of Law


February 25



Brian Simpson

National University



Keynes’s Theory of Depression: A Critique


Tuesday, March 2



Bruce Caldwell

Duke University



Ten (Mostly) Austrian Insights for These Trying Times


Tuesday, March 23



Steven Landsburg

University of Rochester



The Big Questions


April 1


Jonathan Jacobs

Colgate University



Contingency, Liberty, and Patience as a Political Virtue: Smith's Crucial Insight


April 8


David Harper

New York University



The Anatomy of Emergence, with a Focus upon Capital Formation


April 15


Ryan Oprea

University of California Santa Cruz



Extreme Walrasian Dynamics: The Gale Example in the Lab

Additional Reading: Why Austrians Should Quit Worrying and Learn to Love the Lab


Tuesday, April 20



David Beckworth

Texas State University



Where the Fed Goes Wrong: The "Productivity Gap" and Monetary Policy


Tuesday, April 27


Steven Medema

University of Colorado at Denver



Economists and the Analysis of Government Failure: How Cambridge Did and Did
Not Anticipate Chicago and Virginia

Background Reading: Public Choice & the Notion of Creative Communities


Tuesday, May 4



Rob Axtell

Center for Social Complexity,
George Mason University



A General Mathematical Representation of Behavioral and Aggregate Discounting