Original Civilization II Scenarios

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Featured in the October 1997 issue of PC Gamer.

These Civ II scenarios were written by Bryan Caplan or Matthew Schwartz. They are all in uncompressed format - they are ready to run as is. (I just rename the *.scn file as *.bin so it downloads properly. You can change the name back if you like, but there's no need to do so).

I've altered the rules.txt file some more, so you may want to download the new version.

Civ II Scenarios

Scenario File Intro Text File Rules File Author
World War III wwiii.txt rules.txt Bryan Caplan
Absolute Monarchy wwiii.txt rules.txt Bryan Caplan
Imperialism imperial.txt rules.txt Bryan Caplan
World War I version 2.0 wwi.txt rules.txt Bryan Caplan
Fall of Rome fallrome.txt rules.txt Bryan Caplan
The Napoleonic Wars - - Matthew Schwartz
World War II: The Asian Theater - - Matthew Schwartz
The Hapsburgs hapsburg.txt - Matthew Schwartz
World War II and the Cold War version 3.0 wwii.txt rules.txt Bryan Caplan

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