Economics 816: Macro II

Tuesday, March 28
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Tuesday, May 9


Class Lectures Outlines

Weeks 1-2: Competing Theories of Macro Fluctuations

Week 3: Basics of Monetary Economics

Week 4: Rational Expectations

  • Rational Ignorance vs. Rational Irrationality by Bryan Caplan
  • Systematically Biased Beliefs About Economics by Bryan Caplan
  • Week 5: Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy in Real Models

    Weeks 6-7: Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy with Nominal Rigidities

  • War as a Natural Macro Experiment: Did Fiscal Policy Ever Matter? by Bryan Caplan

    There are also five pages of charts that go with the paper; unfortunately, they must be downloaded one at a time:

    Week 9: Optimal Policy; Endogenous Policy Theory, I: Time Consistency

    Week 10: Endogenous Policy Theory, II: Public Choice and Macro Policy

    Weeks 11-12: Privatization of Money, I and II

    Week 13: The Great Depression and European Unemployment

    Week 14: Comparative Systems and Macro Performance







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