Workshop in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

The Workshop in Philosophy, Politics and Economics was established to encourage and explore the latest research at the intersection of these three disciplines by scholars from across the social sciences and humanities.

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New Thinking in Political Economy Book Series


I initiated this series with Edward Elgar Publishing in 1999 with the same purpose in mind that was behind my initiating the Workshop which I direct at GMU --- to encourage research by scholars at the intersection of the disciplines of philosophy, politics and economics. My reasoning behind this is simple -- economics is most powerful when it retains its "worldly philosophy" character and at its worst when it falls into the trap of believing itself to be a branch of "social engineering". Creative research in political economy emerges from the tension that is generated by conceiving of economics as philosophy and conceiving of it as science --- political economy, in other words, is a philosophical science.

Anyway, I edit this series of books and scholars interested in submitting their work for consideration in this series are encourage to contact me at


Explaining Constitutional Change: A Positive Economic Approach

Constitutions, Markets and Law: Recent Experiences in Transition

Ethics As Social Science: The Moral Philosophy of Social

Governance and Economic Development: A Comparative
Institutional Approach

Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom
-Stephan Voigt
& Hans-Jurgen Wagener
-Stefan Voigt -Joachim Ahrens -Leland B. Yeager - David L. Prychitko - Richard M. Ebeling